For our section #requalification

"Pics of my newest mural at cresswell lane. Choose earth! There's no place like home!
I was contacted by @fifthwallvc who where commissioning 3 murals, 1 in LA, 1 in New York, and 1 in Glasgow as cop26 kicking off. All of these murals have the theme of climate tech investment, money being spent on helping our planet rather than billions being spent on space travel. Not that space travel is bad, it can just be put on hold. So my idea was easy, an astronaut stuck on Mars longingly looking towards earth. Keeping it simple, keeping it bold. I brought in the help of @the.portrayals who are doing some artwork with climate change over Scotland and with them we got carbon absorbing paint for the main large areas of the mural. Then I used acrylic spraypaint and waterbased spraypaint for the detailed areas.
Spraypaint gets a bad rap with pollution but in fairness not all spraypaint is created equal. Some is still bad some isn't so bad, but even so, portrayals is planting a tree for every spraycan used.
I hope u like the finished piece.”

Artist: @rogueoner