Taranto districts are colored thanks to the project T.R.U.St. (Taranto Regeneration Urban Street) Permanent festival of urban art that aims to promote contemporary arts and redevelop the territory. @progettotrust [https:

Galleria Senza Soffitto

Mondolfo Galleria Senza Soffitto: an open-air cultural and artistic project born last year in full emergency along the streets of the historic village of Mondolfo! In photo a work made in the facade

There's no place like home!

For our section #requalification [] "Pics of my newest mural at cresswell lane. Choose earth! There's no place like home! I was contacted by

"The sound of the waves"

Last mural realized by @_millo_ in Sant’Antioco, Italy. Sant'Antioco is a small island in the southern part of Sardinia, connected by a tiny artificial tongue of land to it.

The "Borgo Universo" Festival

Borgo Universo is a festival of street-art, music, performance and astronomy that uses the language of art to promote the change and renewal of the medieval village of Aielli, in Abruzzo.